The LAND of Nutrition

Welcome to the BANANOW.LAND, where the vibes are always hype and the fun never stops! We are your friendly neighborhood from Web3.

Yes, we know, Web3 this, Web3 that, Web3 her, Web3 him, Web3 they, what the freak is Web3, right?

Take it easy, FAMS! We're not going to push your limit knowing it, but we're here trying our best to show you that diving into the digital world can be as easy as peeling a BANANA.

Whether we're PLAYING, LEARNING, or WORKING, together we've got your back. So, grab your lemon tea and join us for the most a-peeling adventure you'll ever have in the digital jungle!

Let's grooowwww!!!!

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Here we can be whoever we want. We can do crazy things with dignity. There are no laws, only consequences. Let's thrive together!

PLAYING Always Fun

Diane Ackerman says, "PLAY is our brain's favorite way of LEARNING." So, to us PLAY it's not just a word that we try to say, but it is our way of life! We're here to share the secret sauce to a happier, less stressful journey.

Activate our inner PLAYING mode. Life's a rollercoaster, and whether it takes you soaring high or dipping low, we're here to remind you to keep the game going. It's like having a perpetual fun pass for this wild ride called life!

  • So, let's turn those frowns upside down, sprinkle in some laughter, and make every moment a PLAYFUL adventure!
PLAYING Always Fun


Curiosity is our compass! And in every journey comes a fresh chapter we wrote on the book of discovery. Yes! We are writing a story of the ever-evolving world of Web3.

We've made our mission to keep peeling away the layers of this amazing universe. With each step, we explored our new adventures, shared our newfound knowledge, and found inspiration in the endless possibilities.

  • So, let's embrace the thrill of LEARNING, spark our curiosity, and embark on this boundless journey together!
PLAYING Always Fun

WORKING with All You Got

Meet the BANANOW FAMILY, where "Very Hard WORKING" isn't just a trait, it's our superpower! We're not your average crew - we PLAY hard, but we WORK even harder, and yes, we've got the "Smart WORKING" badge too.

Our love for PLAY fuels our passion for WORK, and it's what keeps us humble. We're big on appreciating the sweat and toil that goes into making things happen, and we're here to spread the love.

  • So, join our "WORK Hard, PLAY Hard" party, and let's turn every challenge into a golden opportunity together!
PLAYING Always Fun

Here are BANANOW's Growing Brands

Our FAMILY always maintain the fertility of each of the plantation crops on this LAND. Make this space a healthy, fair, and fun place to grow. If you want to know more about what we do, which is updated regularly, click on our brands below.

The 90's Vibes Space

90's Vibes

The space (mostly on X - Twitter and Discord) where we can sing, chat, share, shill, or laugh with the fun of 90's spirit. Speak up your voices, make a lot of noise, and don't be silent!

Dermaga NFT is Part of Dermaga Web3

Dermaga Web3

The offline event that shares and exchanges knowledge about the Web3 world. The bridge between Web2 and Web3 community.

Discord Class is Part of BANANOW Class

Class Now

An intimate education approach for the community. The room to share about love, life, and technology. It can be on a Discord channel or in any physical room in the Universe of Reality.

Ina Motion Creative Agency


The creative agency that accommodates the creative needs of other brands/products/entities, and is a profitable employer for creative people in the BANANOW community.

Agent Now is Farmers Delegate

Agent Now

The talent coordinator agency of BANANOW which is delegates the demand from other entities to farmers in BANANOW FAMILY.

Prof. NOTA's Department

NOTA's Dept.

The Web3 tech support department which makes the engine run smoothly in BANANOW. Doing tech strategy, Web3 philosophical research, blockchain exploration, and even soul analytics.

Community of BANANOW

BANANOW is backed by the perfect community for its Web3 activities, that is the friends and FAMILY of BANANOW in both universes, the Universe of Reality and the 0101 Universe.


The Community who are still thinking about whether these BANANAS will be eaten now or taken home? They can interact like any other, but still in different boats with the same goal. They can level up by going more BANANAS.

👪  in Reality

Be a Sprout

    What's featured...

  • Very Limited Resources
  • One of One User
  • No Access
  • No Support


The Friends that loves BANANAS in their ice cream. They are active, crazy, and always spread positive vibes, just like BANANAS. They also travel companions in navigating the world of Web3 to thrive together.

👪  in Reality

Be a Lover

    What's featured...

  • Very Limited Resources
  • One of One User
  • Very Limited Access
  • Very Limited Support
  • No Giveaways
  • Merchandises


Most Wanted

The FAMILY, which is all holders of BANANOW NFTs, gets full support and becomes a priority in obtaining benefits from the potential of this LAND that they backing up, to develop their owned BANANOW as their brand.

👪  0000in Reality

Be a Head

    What's featured...

  • Limited Resources
  • One of One User
  • Limited Access
  • Limited Support
  • Giveaways
  • Merchandises
  • Limited Media Custom*
  • Free Website Service*
  • Profit Share*


The Holders of BANANOW NFTs who maintain the fertility of each of the plantation crops on this LAND. Make this space as always a healthy, fair, and fun place. You can call them, the administrator of the plantation.

👪  5in Reality

Be a Farmer

    What's featured...

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Many of Many Users
  • Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited Support
  • No Giveaways
  • Free Merchandises
  • No Media Custom
  • No Website Service
  • No Profit Share
  • Revenue Share*

Farmers of BANANOW

We are a group of people who share the same interests. We appreciate every effort that goes into making things happen in the community, seriously.


A list of some questions and answers about BANANOW, especially one giving basic information for the new visitor of this website.

Embassy of BANANOW.

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